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  • Barre with a Broom

    At home with not a lot of equipment but still want a great workout? Try out this class, Barre with a Broom! All you need is a broom, swiffer, body bar or other long thing pole object. Grab a mat and some water and let's hit the "bar".

  • Mat Barre with a Broom

    All you need is a broom, swiffer or body bar for this Mat Barre class. Start with a warm up then move on down the mat for a total body workout based on the principles of pilates. We'll end with a delicious stretch. You will feel the burn in your muscles!

  • Express Barre with Broom

    Grab your broom, swiffer or body bar for this fun and creative express barre workout. All you need is about 30 minutes and a household cleaning item to tone your body! Let's barre!

  • Power Barre with Broom

    You just need a broom, swiffer or body bar for this creative and challenging class!

    Power Barre takes the barre out of the class and focuses on toning that can be done at home with small props. Get ready to sweat because cardio is included!

  • Barre with the Loop Band

    Grab your loop band for this fun and challenging barre class.

    For this workout, you will need:
    - A loop resistance band
    - Light weights
    - A barre or sturdy piece of furniture
    - A mat

    Need equipment? Get it in the shop: