Watch this video and more on Brittany Bendall Fitness

Watch this video and more on Brittany Bendall Fitness

Burns So Good Pilates Workout

Pilates – 53m

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  • Advanced Pilates Magic Circle Workout

    This Advanced Pilates class uses the magic circle to challenge your core, glutes and legs. We start with standing work and then move to the mat where we perform advanced versions of classical pilates moves. Grab your magic circle and mat for this class!

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  • Basic Pilates Mat

    Take your favorite Balance Barre class to the mat for an intense, core-centric class that fuses traditional pilates with barre technique.

  • Pilates Apparatus Fakeout Reformer

    In this Pilates Apparatus Fakeout workout, we are taking on the Pilates Reformer. You don't need any big expensive pilates equipment for this workout. All you need are two paper plates or two small hand towels (for hardwood floors) and a resistance band with handles. In this class, I'll show y...