Watch HIIT the BARRE Warm Up

Watch HIIT the BARRE Warm Up


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HIIT the BARRE Warm Up

HIIT the BARRE 30 Day Video Program Download • 6m 21s

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  • HIIT the BARRE Barre Burn

    Video 2 of the HIIT the BARRE™ program. In this video, we take our workout to the barre for a cardio-infused class. Get ready to sweat! You will need a stopwatch and sturdy piece of furniture to act as your ballet barre.

    REMEMBER: Do your Warm-Up video first and check the E-Book for the sug...

  • HIIT the BARRE Jumpstart Cardio

    Jumpstart your Cardio Barre plan with the first video in HIIT the BARRE™! This workout is only 30 minutes and all you need are a pair of sneakers and a stopwatch. Get ready to blast major calories.

    REMEMBER: Check out the e-book for a link to the suggested playlist and a breakdown of all t...

  • HIIT the BARRE Feel the Burn

    Video 4 in the HIIT the BARRE™ program! This one will really take your barre workout up a notch! Don't forget your stopwatch and sneakers for this workout!

    REMEMBER: Do your Warm-Up Video first and check out the E-BOOK for detailed descriptions and a suggested playlist.