Pilates & Barre Stick Classes

Pilates & Barre Stick Classes

This program uses the Pilates Stick. These classes are pilates, barre or fusion-based classes designed to tone and sculpt your body. The Pilates Stick creates a more challenge barre and pilates workout by creating extra resistance and instability engaging more muscles than a standard barre or pilates class. Get ready to work!

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Pilates & Barre Stick Classes
  • Barre Stick

    Grab your Pilates Stick for this workout. Attaching the Stick to a door frame or a barre, we use the Stick and the accompanying Straps to add extra resistance and instability challenges to our barre routine. Get ready to work your muscles in ways you never thought possible!

    Need a Pilates S...

  • Barre Pilates Stick Fusion Workout

    This barre pilates stick fusion workout is the perfect mix of two amazing modalities to create one challenging workout. This workout challenges your normal barre routine by taking away the stability of the barre and adding the stick. Incorporating pilates moves and principles this class mimics ...

  • Standing Pilates Stick

    This quick standing pilates stick workout will get your heart rate going, challenge your balance and work your arms, thighs, glutes, core and more.

    For this workout you will need a pilates stick or a resistance band that can be anchored. Get the equipment in the shop: http://brittanybendallfi...

  • Pilates Stick

    This class uses the Pilates Stick for a total body pilates workout that challenges the body. You can also use resistance bands with handles.

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  • Pilates Stick Class

    Grab your pilates stick for this equipment class at home!