Watch this video and more on Brittany Bendall Fitness

Watch this video and more on Brittany Bendall Fitness

Cardio Pilates

Pilates – 32m

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  • Strong Mat Flow

    This mat class starts out with a standing workout to target the upper body and legs and warm up the body. Then move down to the mat for some intense toning.

    This class uses light and heavy weights. I recommend between 1-3 lbs for your light weight and between 3-5 lbs for your heavy weight.

  • Cardio Pilates: Pilates Trampoline Wo...

    Let's add some cardio to your pilates routine! Using the mini rebounder, we simulate moves done with the jump board on a reformer before heading down to the mat for some traditional mat exercises. This class is half cardio and half mat work.

    If you don't have a rebounder, you can do this wor...

  • Beginner Pilates

    In this beginner pilates workout you'll learn the basics of a pilates routine including principles of a neutral spine, long back, pulling in the abdominals and keeping the ribs tucked. You'll learn classic pilates moves like the series of five, rolling like a ball and single leg circle. This is...