Prenatal Barre & Pilates Trimester Workouts

Prenatal Barre & Pilates Trimester Workouts

Workout safely throughout your pregnancy with these barre & pilates workouts! The workouts are divided by trimester to ensure that you are safely targeting the right muscle groups and focusing on the challenges and changes in your body as you progress throughout your pregnancy.

The set includes 3 barre workouts and 3 pilates workouts:
- First Trimester Barre workout
- Second Trimester Barre workout
- Third Trimester Barre workout
- First Trimester Pilates workout
- Second Trimester Pilates workout
- Third Trimester Pilates workout

Each workout is approximately 1 hour long.

Recommended equipment:
- A yoga mat
- A sturdy piece of furniture to act as a ballet barre (chair, countertop, banister, wall)
- Light weights (1-3 lbs) or no weight at all
- Playground ball (or small pillow or rolled up towel)
- Foam wedge (or several bed pillows)

Make sure you check with your physician before starting this workout and listen to your body.

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Prenatal Barre & Pilates Trimester Workouts
  • 1st Trimester Pilates

    Are you expecting? This pilates workout is perfect for mamas-to-be in their first to early second trimester. The class provides some gentle movement if you are feeling lethargic or dealing with morning sickness. It also begins to show you some modifications to get you acquainted with the chang...

  • 1st Trimester Barre

    Are you newly pregnant? Then this workout is for you! This 1st Trimester Barre video is perfect for the newly expecting. Maybe you are feeling lethargic and need some energy or you have been dealing with morning sickness and moving helps you feel better. Use this barre video your first trimes...

  • 2nd Trimester Pilates

    Hopefully you are feeling more energized now you are in your second trimester! Work those muscles while still feeling centered and calm. These exercises are targeted specifically for mamas in their second trimester.

    For this workout you will need:
    - Light weights
    - Optional stability ball

  • 2nd Trimester Barre

    Hopefully you are feeling better now in your second trimester and are ready to really focus on some beneficial exercise!

    This class is specifically designed for the second trimester to help you maintain your fitness level while safely modifying for your growing belly.

    For this workout, you ...

  • 3rd Trimester Pilates

    The final pilates workout in this prenatal series. Go strong until the end! This workout will tone your body while working on areas that are often tense and sore due to your growing belly. Take time to feel calm while still working those muscles.

    For this workout you will need:
    - A mat
    - ...

  • 3rd Trimester Barre

    Feel good as that belly really begins to grow in the final trimester. Stay active and fit right up until your due date with this prenatal barre workout perfect for the third trimester.

    For this workout, you will need:
    - A mat
    - A sturdy piece of furniture to act as a ballet barre
    - Light w...