Prop- Weights/Ball/Band/Barre

Prop- Weights/Ball/Band/Barre

For this workouts, you will need:
- Weights
- Playground ball
- A long or loop resistance band
- A barre
- Optional mat

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Prop- Weights/Ball/Band/Barre
  • Studio Barre 2

    Straight from barre class in the studio to you. I use these classes to challenge my students in the studio and it will definitely challenge you at home. Grab your equipment and let's barre!

    For this workout you will need:
    - A loop resistance band (or tie a long one in a loop)
    - A long resistan...

  • Studio Barre 3

    For this workout, you will need:
    - Light weights (1lbs) *optional
    - Heavier light weights (2-3lbs)
    - A barre or sturdy piece of furniture
    - A loop resistance band
    - A playground ball or something squishy
    - A mat

    Need equipment? Get it in the shop:

  • Signature Barre Workout

    This signature barre class will leave you feeling great while giving you an intense workout. Start out with a warm-up then move to upper body followed by a long barre segment to really target the legs and glutes and burn some major calories.

    For this workout, you will need:
    - Light weights (...

  • Signature Barre 4

    Join me for a signature barre class. Start with a low impact warm up then move on to upper body toning followed by lower body toning and more cardio at the barre then finish on the mat with core and flexibility training!

    For this workout, you will need:
    - Light weights
    - A pilates ball or somet...

  • Signature Power Barre

    Join me for a powerful barre class that is missing one thing-- the barre! In this class we will work with powerful movements including cardio, upper & lower body toning and core. Get ready to approach your barre class in a whole new way!

    For this workout, you will need:
    - Light weights
    - A ma...