Bump at the Barre®

Bump at the Barre®

Perfect for our mamas-to-be, these classes offer modifications especially for our expectant moms. Bump at the Barre® is a safe and effective prenatal workout.

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Bump at the Barre®
  • Prenatal Pilates

    A prenatal pilates mat class designed for pregnant women. This class is perfect for first or early second trimester. The class starts standing and then moves to the mat for gentle yet effective toning and strengthening exercises.

    No equipment besides a mat!

  • Bump at the Barre- Full-length Prenatal Barre Video

    Join me for a prenatal barre workout safe for all stages of pregnancy.

    Remember to always check with your physician before starting this or any other workout. It is important to get clearance especially while pregnant. Every pregnancy and every body is different so some of the moves may not ...

  • Bump at the Barre- Quick Prenatal Barre Workout

    Join me on the mat for a quick prenatal barre workout requiring no weights.

    Remember to always consult with a physician before starting this or any other workout. Every pregnancy is different and you should only do what your physician tells you is ok and what feels good for your body. If som...

  • Bump at the Barre- Prenatal Barre with Resistance Band

    Join me for a safe and fun resistance band workout designed for mamas-to-be.

    Please consult with your physician before starting this or any other workout. Please remember that every pregnancy is different and what may feel good for one body might not be suitable for another. If anything does...

  • Postnatal Pilates Workout

    Get back into shape after baby with this postnatal pilates workout. In this workout you'll focus on rebuilding your abdominal muscles in a safe and effective fashion. You will also work on regaining upper and lower body strength.

    - 2 lb weights
    - Playground ball
    Check out my sh...

  • Bump at the Barre®: Pilates for Pregnancy


    This pre-natal option is safe for moms-to-be. This pilates class is wonderful for strengthening the pelvic floor, hips and maintaining core stability. This class will get you ready for birth and beyond.

    This pilates mat version of the class requires no equipment and focu...

  • Bump at the Barre®: Total Body Prenatal Barre

    This total body barre class is geared especially towards our mamas-to-be. In this class, you'll get some light cardio benefit, work the upper body, thighs and glutes. We will then hit the mat for pregnancy safe core modifications.

    Equipment: Light weights, chair or study piece of furniture, ...