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    Join Brittany Bendall for the BEST barre & pilates classes online. The only site to offer full-length, high quality, challenging barre and pilates classes. Brittany curates her favorite workouts and shares them with you to challenge your body.

    Take these workouts with you wherever you go and...

  • Pilates & Barre Stick Classes

    5 videos  |  Buy $34.99

    This program uses the Pilates Stick. These classes are pilates, barre or fusion-based classes designed to tone and sculpt your body. The Pilates Stick creates a more challenge barre and pilates workout by creating extra resistance and instability engaging more muscles than a standard barre or p...

  • Babies at the Barre™

    8 videos  |  Buy $34.99

    If you are postnatal then this program is for you!

    It can be hard to fit in a workout with a new baby at home. Grab your baby carrier and let's get to work on your postpartum fitness journey with baby in tow! We'll use the carrier to add a little extra resistance and hopefully baby will nod ...

  • Bump at the Barre® Complete Program

    10 videos  |  Buy $200

    For the mamas-to-be, this is the total Bump at the Barre® program that will take you from trimester 1 until birth. Get ready to feel amazing during your pregnancy with this program!

    You won't need any other videos because this program has it all.

  • Bump at the Barre® Instructor Training

    7 videos  |  Buy $129

    Learn to safely and effectively train your prenatal clients by becoming part of the Bump of the Barre® family.

  • Barre Video Box Set 2

    6 videos  |  Buy $59.99

    This BBF Studio Video Boxed Set includes some of the best full-length barre videos! This Boxed Set includes Signature Barre Workout, Tone & Sculpt Barre, At Home Barre Workout, Barre Arms & Legs, Express Signature Barre and Barre Burn. Each video is downloadable. This is an $90 value!

  • Bump at the Barre® Prenatal Barre Workout

    8 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    Mamas-to-be this one is for you! Get a pregnancy-safe barre workout in the comfort of your own home. This video is perfect for all trimesters and offers options to keep you safe and make the workout effective as your belly grows. Stay fit through all 9 months of your pregnancy to keep you heal...

  • HIIT the BARRE 30 Day Video Program Download

    16 videos  |  Buy $59.99

    Join me for a 30 Day Program to bust plateaus and and build a strong, lean and beautiful body. HIIT the BARRE™ combines High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with barre toning moves. The combination of cardio and strength will make you unstoppable! If you are looking to get fit quick, this i...

  • Prenatal Barre & Pilates Trimester Workouts

    6 videos  |  Buy $34.99

    Workout safely throughout your pregnancy with these barre & pilates workouts! The workouts are divided by trimester to ensure that you are safely targeting the right muscle groups and focusing on the challenges and changes in your body as you progress throughout your pregnancy.

    The set incl...

  • Barre Video Boxed Set

    6 videos  |  Buy $59.99

    This Brittany Bendall Fitness Barre Video Boxed Set includes some of the best full-length barre videos! This Boxed Set includes Signature Barre Class, Tighten & Tone Barre, Total Body Barre, Dancer's Body Barre, Intense Toning Barre and Advanced Barre. Each video is downloadable. This is an $...

  • The Quick Workouts

    6 videos  |  Buy $24.99

    This downloadable video package puts together all your favorite Quick Workout videos. The set includes: Upper Body Blast, Dance Barre Toned Arms, Dance Barre Workout, 10 Minute Ab Blaster, 10 Minute Seat Blaster and Upper & Lower Body Combo.

  • Barre to Beach Series
    16 videos  |  Buy $50

    Barre to Beach Series

    16 videos  |  Buy $50

    This 5 Week Series will shape you up for beach season (or any season!). With 3 new full-length workouts each week, you'll be consistently challenged to take your workout and your fitness level to new heights.

    This program features 3 of the best BBF workouts: HIIT the Barre®, Barre and Mat Ba...