The Quick Workouts

The Quick Workouts

This downloadable video package puts together all your favorite Quick Workout videos. The set includes: Upper Body Blast, Dance Barre Toned Arms, Dance Barre Workout, 10 Minute Ab Blaster, 10 Minute Seat Blaster and Upper & Lower Body Combo.

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The Quick Workouts

6 Videos

  • Upper Body Blast

    Start working on those tank top arms with this Upper Body Blast workout. All you need is a light set of hand weights and ten minutes of your time! Quick and effective!

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  • Dance Barre Toned Arms

    In this ten minute video you will sculpt and tone your arms so you can be strapless dress and tank top ready! You need a set of light weights (1-3 lbs) for this workout.

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  • Dance Barre Workout

    This ten minute workout is a great warm up to a full-length workout or do it on your own when you have only a short amount of time and need a quick cardio boost. All the moves are low-impact and you don't need any equipment!

  • 10 Minute Ab Blaster

    This 10 Minute Ab Blaster workout will have your core on fire! It only takes 10 minutes to whip your abs into shape and all you need is a mat.

  • 10 Minute Seat Blaster

    This video is short and sweet. Ten minutes is all you need to work your booty with this 10 Minute Seat Blaster. No equipment needed, just your mat. This is the perfect add on to a full-length workout or you can do it on your own when you are short on time or maybe you are traveling.

  • Upper & Lower Body Combo

    This upper and lower body combo workout will have your heart rate pumping to blast calories while toning both your arms and your legs. Choose a medium weight (like 5lbs) and push play!

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