Bump at the Barre® Complete Program

Bump at the Barre® Complete Program

For the mamas-to-be, this is the total Bump at the Barre® program that will take you from trimester 1 until birth. Get ready to feel amazing during your pregnancy with this program!

You won't need any other videos because this program has it all.

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Bump at the Barre® Complete Program

10 Videos

  • Prenatal Pilates 3

    This prenatal pilates class is the perfect combination of burn plus flowing movement and relaxation. You'll work, you'll stretch and you'll feel amazing after!

    For this workout, you will need:
    - A stability ball
    - A mat

    Need equipment? Get it in the shop: http://brittanybendallfitness.c...

  • Standing Prenatal Pilates with Resistance Band

  • Prenatal Pilates Mat

  • Prenatal Pilates 2

  • Prenatal Booty

    Did you know the glutes weaken during pregnancy with the shift of our postures forward? Use this class to help maintain a strong and lifted booty! Good for any trimester.

  • Prenatal Barre 3

    Prenatal Barre 3 is a safe and effective prenatal workout. You can do this workout during any trimester!

  • Prenatal Barre 2

    Prenatal Barre 2 is a safe and effective prenatal workout good for any trimester

  • Prenatal Cardio Barre

    This prenatal cardio barre workout will safely increase the heart rate with low impact exercises. Get ready to work that body and get in some pregnancy safe cardio.

  • Prenatal Barre 5

    Prenatal Barre 5 keeps you going even if you are near the end of your pregnancy.

    Keep yourself moving with these safe exercises.

  • Prenatal Barre 1

    Prenatal Barre 1 is a safe and effective way to stay healthy during pregnancy. Do something good for you and your baby.