Take your workout to the mat with this amped up version of traditional pilates. You will sculpt and tone your whole body and blast calories with these intense mat workouts!

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  • Pilates Apparatus Fakeout Cadillac Tower

    In this Pilates Apparatus Fakeout workout, we are taking on the Pilates Cadillac/Tower. You don't need any big expensive pilates equipment for this workout. All you need is a set of resistance bands with handles, preferably ones that you can change out the level of resistance, a door stopper, an ...

  • Pilates Chair Class

    In this Pilates Apparatus Fakeout video, we are going to focus on the pilates chair. Don't worry, you don't need any fancy equipment, just a plain old kitchen chair. These exercises are designed to mimic working out on the Pilates Chair Apparatus but you'll use a regular chair and your own body...

  • Pilates with Step

    In this dynamic pilates class, you will use a step or a bench to simulate a pilates chair apparatus. The step will create greater resistance through increased height and it will require better balance engaging your core muscles.

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  • Pilates with Magic Circle

    This pilates class uses the magic circle to amp up your traditional pilates workout even further. Tighten, tone and trim your inner thighs, glutes and core with this workout. You need a Pilates magic circle for this class.

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  • Pilates with the Stability Ball

    This pilates class uses a large stability ball to amp up your traditional pilates routine. We start with some standing work with the ball to warm up and then move on to upper body followed by lower body and core work on the mat.

    For this workout you will need:
    - a stability ball
    - light w...

  • Barre & Pilates Foam Roller Fusion

    Combine standing barre moves with pilates mat work using the foam roller! We start standing for an intense barre section before moving down to the mat to target the abs and glutes. This is a total body workout. Get ready to sweat!

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  • Mat Pilates Inner Thighs, Glutes and Abs

    This pilates mat class will target your inner thighs, glutes and abs to give your middle area the extra boost it needs! Shot at the beach, it is the perfect bikini body motivation or just some motivation for a great workout. No equipment needed!

  • HardCORE Pilates Workout

    In this HardCORE Pilates Workout the focus is on the core-rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis and obliques. You'll also get some bonus arm and seat work. No equipment necessary!

  • Pilates to Go

    In this pilates class you'll tone your muscles, blast calories and leave feeling worked from head to toe. This 30 minute class is perfect for when you are short on time or are on the go. It requires no equipment, just a mat or a soft surface.

  • Total Pilates

  • Pilates by the Pool

    For this pilates mat class you will not need any equipment (not even a pool!). Just grab your mat and get ready to use your own body weight to sculpt and tone. We start with standing pilates and then move down to the mat to target our core, glutes, legs and arms followed by flexibility training.

  • Barre Pilates Stick Fusion Workout

    This barre pilates stick fusion workout is the perfect mix of two amazing modalities to create one challenging workout. This workout challenges your normal barre routine by taking away the stability of the barre and adding the stick. Incorporating pilates moves and principles this class mimics ...